Reasons That Married Women Have Affairs

So what is the main reason that married women have affairs? Well, there usually is multiple reasons for a woman seeking a relationship outside of their marriage. These reasons usually all contribute to an affair taking place. I will go over a few of the main reasons that married women have affairs.

The primary reason that most of us think of straight away is sex. Lust is a very powerful thing and these feelings can drive someone to seek this type of relationship. Many times a affair driven by sexual needs is very short term. It could be that the woman is not satisfied with her love life with her husband. Other times it is simply a need for something different and curiosity sets in.

Another reason for affairs is simply companionship. Many wives feel that they are not understood by their spouse and cannot communicate their feelings properly. A lover who they feel they can connect with and that understands them is very powerful. Having someone as a companion that they can speak their true feelings with is a strong reason for affairs.

Romance can also be a reason that women stray from their marriage. Watching romantic movies and also the media can paint a picture of romance as being something that it is really not. Many women will have a powerful need for romance and will seek this from an affair.

These are just a few reasons that women seek affairs and every person is different. As mentioned, all of these things probably play some kind of role in women seeking relationships outside of their marriage. As our society and views on infidelity change, affairs are becoming more common. As strange as it sounds, having affairs can often times save a marriage because it forces both spouses to examine their relationship and make changes.

By: Joseph Graham

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