Is Flirting Cheating on Your Partner?

Many people flirt with others even when they are in a serious relationship. They believe that as long as they are not sexually involved with another person, it is not cheating. However if your flirting hurts your partner, maybe you should think twice.

Flirting takes on the mantle of cheating the moment the innocent and harmless smiles, teasing and winks lead to emotional infidelity. The moment you start dreaming of spending time with the other person rather than your partner, then flirting is emotional cheating.

Here are some things to consider when flirting as these are definite signs of cheating on your partner:

• You rather joke and gossip with members of the opposite sex at work and at social settings rather than your partner.
• When it comes to choosing a gift for a friend or colleague, you spend more time than you would for your partner. Here the friend or colleague has to be a member of the opposite sex.
• You rather discuss your intimate problems with friends rather than your partner; and your friends are from the opposite sex.
• At work, with colleagues of the opposite sex, you end up taking long lunches or stay back after work to have a drink with them and during this time you do not speak about work.

Although the above mentioned are not physical affairs, they are emotional affairs. These affairs are equally harmful for a relationship like a physical affair. So, by default you are emotionally cheating on your partner and your flirting is cheating. If you continue on this path, you will end up ruining your relationship.

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