Ready to Have Sex?

Now are you sure? Because if you do, you know what this means. The way you see your relationship today, won't be the same by next week - I guarantee it! Your partner will start acting more concerned about where you are going, who you are seeing, whose on the phone, and what Internet sites you visited. There is something magical about sex. It makes people draw near for awhile, but then when the potion begins to wear off, people act strange, very strange.

You may recall what happened the last time you had sex before the relationship was mature enough to handle it. She called you way too much wanting to know far too much. He acted like you were the very best thing since slice bread in the beginning of the relationship then eventually forgot what bread even looked like much less tasted like.

So should men and women take it slow when it comes to sex? Yes! And what should they do to take it slow. I wrote about that too. Check out a site I contribute articles to:

How to Take it Slow

Nicholl McGuire


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