How to Understand a Woman's Body Language - And Know If She Likes You (3 Easy Tricks You Must Know)

People say that reading the works of Homer and Nietzsche would be much easier compared to reading the thoughts of a girl. Oftentimes, it would appear that girls say one thing when they actually want to say something completely different. Because of this, a lot of guys get confused when they try to untangle the thoughts of a girl - what more when trying to truly understand them?

This is quite ironic since guys try to read something that they do not know the language of. Naturally, this results in confusion and then denial. However, there are several surefire signs that girls show through body language, which guys could learn to read. You simply need to understand this female body language before it can get easier for you to read female thoughts.

See, girls truly only want three things out of life: romance, security, and to feel special. If you have the ability to give a girl these things, then reading them would be just as easy as a book for kids - with nothing but pictures.

Easy Tactics To Decode Female Body Language

Tactic Number One: Make sure that you pay close attention to her eyes. If she likes you, she should be looking straight into your eyes with a flicker of happiness emanating from her own.

Tactic Number Two: If a girl likes you, she will lean closer to you every time you talk. Doing this will let you know that her concentration is solely on you, that she is thinking only about you and that she wants to get to know you better.

Tactic Number Three: If she is the one to initiate conversations whenever you see each other, this would be a clear sign that she likes you. Girls will take every chance they can get to strike conversations with guys that they like because they truly enjoy talking to them.

Now that you know the basic tactics to reading female body language, you can arm yourself with some tactics of hypnosis next to supercharge those abilities of seduction. One tactic is called fractionation and has the ability to make girls fall for guys in no more than 15 minutes.

Fractionation might seem to be complicated, but in fact it is very easy to apply - if you know the step-by-step formula. Regular guys have been known to be able to use this tactic to make any woman they lay their eyes on like them very quickly. Amazingly effective - although some have objected to this tactic because it may seem to be unfair to women.

However, please be fractionation ( could be the most explosive piece of seduction technology ever invented.

This technique is simple to use but it gives "seduction superpowers" to the regular guy to attract the woman of his dreams. If you want to seduce women in as quickly as 15 minutes, then download the Fractionation Formula for free.


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