Things You Should Do to Get a Woman

Let's face it, it isn't easy getting the woman you want, there is alot of work involved; and then even after the fresh haircut, new wardrobe and some extra cash, things still don't work --it can only mean one thing, back to the drawing board!

If you are willing to invest in your look, then you are willing to invest in the education of "How To" get a girl and we aren't talking about freebie tips from the Internet. Visit It is at this link you will find some books written by experts skilled in solving relationship issues. Proven strategies that work. So put on your thinking cap and click today!

But if you still would like a few freebie tips to get you started finding the woman that is right for you, then do the following, if you haven't already:

1. Revaluate you appearance and body. Oftentimes men are in search of women without a care about their extra belly fat or smelly breath. Ask a close relative or friend what is it about you that would turn a woman off. You may already know the answer to that one, so do something about it!

2. Find an interest or hobby that will make you stand out in the crowd. Women know about men's love of sports and lazy weekends in front of the television and if you do this, then you need an upgrade. There is more to a man besides his penis and money. Smart women know this and will not settle with you for long if you have nothing more to offer besides who is the best basketball player and which baseballplayer has the most homeruns in history- big deal!?

3. Stop involving yourself with so many affairs. The women friends, the guy friends and everything else in between. Some of you are so interesting and outgoing to the point that you don't know when to settle down. A woman would like a man who knows how to balance his time. There is the day out with the guys, but there are no days out with the girlfriends, so if you think that once a woman has sex with you she will continue to be fine with that, think again. The best advice you should take is keep women friends at a distance and if you must be involved with the woman friend make the time to introduce her to your new significant which leads to point four.

4. Don't keep secrets. Whatever you did in the past and you know it won't resurface then keep that to yourself. But if you have, a stalker, outstanding credit card debt, you shop at the local discount store and you have parking tickets, then be honest. Don't be flamboyant with your money when you know you don't have any or hide behing a bush when your stalker is in the neighborhood!

5. You have a history of physical abuse and/or verbal abuse. If you never sought counseling the last thing you need to do is get a girl. Do you really think that when times get rough in the relationship that she will not yell at you, possibly throw something and you won't be tempted to hit her? The reality is you will hit her, so don't test yourself, get the help you need before you start dating again.

6. Don't get your family involved in everything you do in trying to find your girl. If you get them involved in everything early on, they won't suddenly stop asking you questions and wanting for the two of you to make it to every family event. Be private about some of the things you desire in a relationship. Avoid calling everyone so often during the week that you find yourself trying to think of something to say.

7. Keep your desires to have a baby and a wife to yourself. Not all women are going out with a guy looking for a husband and a baby. Nowadays more and more women are putting off the wedding gown for a business suit. They aren't interested in being a homemaker as much as their mothers were and so if you feel a woman should be thinking that way, staying home and being a parent to your children, you may want to strongly consider whether you want an American woman. There are some women who think this way, but a vast majority aren't as interested at least not early on the relationship. So ask questions, but don't be so quick to speak about your views.

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