How to Stop Ongoing Domestic Violence at Home

It can happen without notice an argument leads into a physical fight between a couple.  One of the first things you do if you are a witness is to call the police, but if you are a victim, you fight for your life!

Avoid spending time alone with someone who you recently broke up with, has a history of putting his or her hands on you violently, and who has threatened to hurt you.  No matter what they say, your life is at risk if you should agree to let the abusive man or woman in your home, in the car, or anywhere else where there are no witnesses.  Have your camera and/or audio equipment ready if you should be caught off guard.  Sometimes a person hell-bent on getting close to a victim will break into a home, office or car and wait for a long time for your arrival.  Don't ever underestimate your online, creepy date, a moody ex, or a flamboyant partner.

Oftentimes couples fighting doesn't end in death, but it might and you don't want to be the one six feet deep in your grave.  You can scream, "Help!" "Fire!" and other attention-grabbing words as loud as you can repeatedly while looking for weak points on the abuser's body.  Eyes, nose, private part, ankles, shins, temple of head, throat...strike these areas frequently while yelling.

If you are near a window during a fight, grab something and throw it at the window to create attention to your home.  If you are not in a fight, but you feel it may lead to one, turn on your computer with a camera and record live.  Favorite sites that permit live streaming.  Someone will hopefully see that your video is not an act and will call the police.

Whatever you can do to keep yourself alive, do it!  If children are around, tell them to run to the phone or out of the home.  Train them to listen to your instructions in advance so that they will know what to do during an emergency situation.

Before things get out of hand again, create an exit plan.  Visit the National Domestic Violence Hotline website.

Nicholl McGuire is the author of Socially Sweet, Privately Cruel Abusive Men and She's Crazy.


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