In Every Date One Sees a Family Member

It is time to take a long break when you see a bit much of your daddy, mommy, sister, brother, uncle and others in the people that you date.  What is happening are familiar spirits at work.  You are attracting the people that you may not want in your life.  Dysfunctional relationships with loved ones tend to spill over in intimate relationships.

A daughter has daddy issues, a son has mommy issues, and all have issues with other loved ones as well.  Think of those you dated in the past that reminded you of someone and why things didn't work with them and why they are still not working with the person you are currently with possibly.

We focus on those positive things that make the relationship and dismiss those that don't.  So if you respect, admire, and love a trait in someone, it would make sense to seek that.  However, what some will do is receive all that is wrong and negative with someone because he or she reminds them of some things they experienced growing up.  They enjoy being on familiar territory.  Therefore, the mind will sooner or later be triggered with negative emotions too from yesteryear and in time one will resent the person who reminded he or she of the past if there are still unresolved issues.

Family members can be a great lens into what might the future hold, but what they aren't supposed to be are our future partners in others.  When we see a pattern in the kind of people we are attracting, it is then that we must stand down.  Take some time to examine your choices readjust your thinking and experience some healing for those broken areas in your life.

Here's to your dating success!

Nicholl McGuire


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