It's Okay Not to Like Your Partner Sometimes

Where in the rulebook does it say you have to like your partner all the time?  Don't beat yourself up about your personal feelings or let others who may have observed your mood change to guilt you.  When a mate isn't giving you much reason to like or even love him or her lately it's okay.  Simply find ways to either rekindle positive emotions, communicate concerns, distance yourself for a time (absence makes the heart grow fonder), or use the quiet and space to grow from this difficult season and redirect your attention on the things that matter in your own life rather than pay so much attention on him or her. 

Most mature couples reconcile gradually, but those that are seriously thinking about separating or divorcing, they usually never connect in the way they once did.  Sex is a mere bandaid for them, and doesn't satisfy emotionally.  Check yourself, think about what your partner may be going through, and say a prayer for you both.


Daisy said…
Thanks for this post! It makes me feel less guilty for not being crazy in love with my boyfriend all the time... I find it difficult to talk to my girlfriends about that because I feel like they are all focused on having relationships from the movies and don't accept that sometimes there also those critical moments in relationships... I was quite courageous to start a topic on about having such moments and interestingly enough, I found out that many men and women experience these moments when their partner is simply not giving them reasons to like him/her. In such situations I stay at my place for few days, read books and do things that I enjoy doing while alone. After some time, me and my boyfriend we both start missing each other's company and that's the moment when I realize that I do love this guy :)

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