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With the rise of black men dating white women, just a friendly reminder, just because someone is white doesn't make them right and once you go black, you can always go back to what you know. 

If you listen to how some black men down their mothers, exes, and more and white women talk about white men on places like YouTube, you can't help but think that hate is what they are advocating.  Some of the more popular channels are most likely paid or encouraged to continue to broadcast stupidity. 

Interracial relationships are challenging enough, but when you are in a relationship with someone who promotes self-hatred, has low self-esteem, or has a misogynist mindset, whether he or she is indirect or direct with personal offenses, it is only a matter of time that the self-hating, smiling white woman or black man will turn on one another (and others) like snakes.  This is also true with other mixed couples like: Latino and Caucasian, Asian and Caucasian, and so on. 

Running to a different ethnicity in the hopes that there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is nothing more than a myth and a wish.  All people of all races, sexualities, genders, etc. have ISSUES!  I tend to think that the push for interracial dating during recent years especially between white women and black men is systematic and is designed to create more of a mixed race for obvious reasons such as: raise intelligence, create more of a seemingly attractive or unique appearance, challenge culture, increase the populace, etc.  Some groups have researched, reviewed studies and know what the benefits are when race mixing and probably spent much time watching bi-racial President Barak Obama.  Evidently the results were intense, because the push is everywhere!

As much as we think our dating preferences are exclusively our own, there are various manufactured programs specifically created to change humanity, thinking and traditions as we have known them to be.  However, one must be aware that simply promoting interracial relationships is not good enough.  There are personalities, upbringing, past experiences, social class, education, culture, and more to consider.  Of course not every person is dysfunctional in these relationships, but there are a lot who do have issues that can't be overlooked and are emotionally and physically draining to listen to such as:  stories of repeated rejection by parents and those one might have admired, child abuse, racism, etc. like in any other relationship. 

One should not ever think that an ethnicity as a whole is far superior than another; therefore, "I will date the white man because he has...I will start seeing white women because they will give me...I heard that black guys got...or I need an Asian lady because I heard she will treat me better."  Keep in mind, there are those who have a few screws loose in every group and this is why some people can't and won't date some of these self-hating individuals in their own race.  Interview mental health professionals, relatives and former partners and they just might share a story or two about how a troubled individual always had issues with the way they looked or felt ostracized or couldn't fit in, struggled with mental illness, was abused or abandoned as a child, etc. and why they aren't surprised that they chose to date exclusively this ethnicity or that one. 

So if one's own race doesn't bother or put up with them or they can't seem to get along with people who look like them, then what makes you, me or anyone else think for one minute that we won't be affected sooner or later by a partner's self-hating or past issues?  I have personally experienced the dark and light skin challenges despite being the same ethnicity.  The truth is, like with most relationships, dating interracially doesn't solve old wounds, if anything, it amplifies them.

When one dates or chooses to marry, do look beyond skin tone.  There is more than meets the eye.

Check out She's Crazy a book written for men in relationships abused by girlfriends or wives.  If you are a woman in an abusive relationship, do check out Socially Sweet, Privately Cruel Abusive Men.

Nicholl McGuire


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