Why Singles Should Wait to Commit or Marry Online Dates

It usually takes weeks, even months later, to find out about that elephant in the room that many Internet daters have.  "He wasn't really divorced, he was thinking about it.  She claimed that she was a virgin, but the reality was she was the town's prostitute.  He said he was a Christian and attended church sometimes, but the truth was he hadn't set foot in God's house in years and never got baptized."  The scandalous things some daters learn later after marriage and children (sigh).

Let's be honest, many singles flock to the Internet in search of a sex partner, not a husband or wife.  However, there are those who really want a life-long companion but are hood-winked buy selfish and manipulative people who enjoy creating an emotional bond.  Then later, one finds out about all that other stuff that comes with the supposedly "single, care-free, or good-hearted" him or her.

Many people who are quick to create profiles on dating websites are living with someone at the time they are doing it.  The offline story typically went like this:  the couple got in an argument and someone threatened to leave or divorce so now the needy, angry partner thinks that by bringing his headache into a new relationship that will help ease his or her tension. 

Singles and divorced daters who are confident that a background investigation is all they need to find out about someone and then enter into marriages, usually find out later that there are some personality issues with people that don't show up on background reports.  Match-making systems don't always match people up and gut feelings are often nothing more than that good food you ate earlier settling on your stomach.

Singles and divorced individuals should really take online partnerships slow.  Learn as much as you can in all settings about someone (offline and on) before verbalizing your love for someone online and how much you would want them to be a part of your life for always.

Holidays are a good time to find out who and what you are marrying into anyway.  Chances are that whatever family issues an online date has will show up in an offline romance.  You will discover slowly, but surely why mom treats her son like she does.  You will find out why some dates are considered the black sheeps in their families.  You will also learn about money woes, lies, and exaggerations at some of these family gatherings.  Hopefully, an ex will show up and that will surely tell you just how close or distant the pair still are.

The more you know prior to marriage, the better!  Far too many people create false stories about who they are, what they like, and what they want to provide to someone else.  When the truth shows up and looks you in the face, you always have a choice: you can pretend as if it doesn't exist, talk about it, run from it, or consider it a blessing in disguise and move on with your life!

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