Someone Out There is Better for You But...

It is nice to think about how there is someone somewhere who is better for you then that person you are currently with, but before we go too far in our imaginary worlds, know that we wouldn't necessarily be right for those people.

Everyone has their share of flaws and some partners can tolerate everything from their loved ones who have a long history of lying to those who yell and curse far too much.  Sure, you could drop that zero and get with a hero, but is that what you really want?

Some people stay in relationships far too long and become tainted with their abusive partners' mess!  They act like fools, just like them, without realizing just how infected they have become with all their partner's negativity over the years.  These same troubled individuals will say, "I am going to breakup with my boyfriend/girlfriend/partner and find someone better!"  Meanwhile, the wishful thinker has become nothing more than a poison in his or her current relationship that just wants to get out and infect others.  It would be best to slow down, get one's house in order, disconnect one's self from the drama, and take a long vacation from relationships before jumping into another one.

There are far too many men and women getting married due to heavy infactuation (not love) and money-saving opportunities that they fail to give themselves time to heal from the past.  Some will even slip and call the new person a former partner's name--now that is just too soon to be dating someone else!

It isn't any wonder why some will stay in challenging relationships, because they just don't have the energy to even think about starting anything new with someone else.  Think of the years you have invested in someone trying to get him or her to understand you.  Notice how much money you have spent to keep love alive.  Consider the children you might have had with this person.  Do you really want to go on a search again trying to find someone new that you hope will complete you?

If it brings you peace knowing that someone out there is indeed better for you, then don't let me ruin your dream, but while you are wishing, fix yourself up mentally, physically and spiritually before you become someone else's nightmare.

Nicholl McGuire is the author of Laboring to Love Myself.


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