Friendship - When a Date Wants Nothing More, Nothing Less

Companionship isn't promoted on movie screens and elsewhere between the opposite sex like being lovers to one another is.  Hold hands, kiss, have sex, argue, hug...touch, undress, touch, and so on.  But what about friendship?  What about two people being companions?  No touching, no sex, just talking--enjoying one's company?

When one is getting to know someone for the first time there is much conversing going on, probably too much.  In time, the date feels like he or she knows enough about the person that now he or she feels like they can touch or be ready to experience a touch that eventually leads into an intimate moment that might produce a child, a sexual disease, or disappointment. 

A good friendship will take you away from the bedroom and to the places you always wanted to go.  It will help you discover things about yourself and the other person that just isn't worth risking fun times for sex.  One can experience contentment just by being in the presence of a good friend without the worry of trying to impress.

When a date realizes that the one seated across from him or her at the restaurant is more a friend than a potential partner, this is a good thing--a very good thing!  What this means is that two people are free to be themselves!  There is no facade, no pressure, or stress about following any order of how things should go!  You also don't have to worry over footing any bill-- go dutch!

Whenever the opportunity comes to have a friendship with someone, rather than a sexual relationship, be open to it!  There is nothing wrong with periodic communication, attending an event or two (without touching), and being supportive of one another when one is up or down.  Yet, what is wrong is the following:  when people manipulate one another to get things, are unclear as to what the status of their relationship is, and act disrespectfully toward a partner because of a so-called friend who is really one that receives "benefits."

Take the time and think about what it really means to be a good friend and respect those who simply want nothing more and nothing less.

Nicholl McGuire  


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