Rant: Unreasonable Single Mothers - Dating Women with Children

Sometimes dating single moms just isn't wise for one who has no children.  A person who is unwilling to make compromises, help with children, share money, time, etc. should avoid dating a woman with children.  Dating single mothers is something that works well with others who may have children.  Now there are those exceptions when a single man or woman has a high tolerance for a date with children.  One should always test his or her to see if this person is really right for not only self, but family too.  It is obvious that the young man speaking in this video, bit off more than he could chew.  Motherhood isn't always a nice experience, and sometimes a frustrated mom will lash out on a man who she may not respect, because, in her eyes, he has child-like ways.  She seeks a provider, not another person she might have to help apart from her children.  Remember, children come with the package, so if you can't handle it, move on.


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