You Can't Make Someone Love You...

How many times have you argued with your mate and thought, "Does he/she really love me?  Why does this person keep causing drama between us by doing dumb things?  Doesn't he/she care about how I feel?"  Anyone who continues to do more of the same hurtful things to you, doesn't love you.  Therefore, why do you keep trying to make this person do things that he/she just isn't willing and/or capable of doing?

We have all been guilty of trying to make someone do something that we want in past or current relationships.  We try explaining our dos and don't list, manipulating situations to generate a desired outcome, and getting others to talk to this person.  Some of those past dates just didn't get it, so what did we do? We either kept trying until one or both called it quits.  You can't make someone love you, so we have heard in love songs.  But some of us, are hell-bent on making something work that obviously doesn't work anymore.

The relationship experts tell us to communicate.  So we do.  The best friend whom you confide in advises to, "Stick it out."  But what does your gut say?

Stop arguing, making love, using the silent treatment, gossiping about your mate, and anything else that keeps you upset, and just listen to that quiet voice within, "I can't make you love me if you don't."
Sooner or later that knucklehead will get it, and hopefully he or she will get the message before it's too late.

Nicholl McGuire
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