Social Butterflies and Geeks: Can a relationship like this work?

In 2008, there was a reality show entitled, Beauty and The Geek.  It was advertised back then as a social experiment.  Beautiful women with low IQs were paired up with men high in intellect, but weak in social skills.  After watching episodes of this show and thinking back to my own dating experiences, I reasoned the only way that one could manage to stay with the other is if he or she would be able to compromise a big chunk of who he or she was when the lights and camera were put away.  Unless a person is constantly evolving and willing to try new things, in other words come out of his or her shell, a relationship like this simply can't work.

There are always those exceptions to the rule.  The married couple who have been together for 30 plus years.  The college guy dating the ditz.  The broke, busted and disgusted beautiful girl dating the geeky looking computer guy.  Kudos to them!  However, let's just be honest.  How many times did the thought go through their minds, "What do I see in this guy besides his money?  What do I see in this gal besides her beauty?  Seriously, I can do better!"

As much as it's the nice thing to put aside appearances and quirky things in one's personality in order to see the jewel underneath it all, let's face it, it's a lot of work!  You have to tell yourself over and over again, "There's gold somewhere, I know it!  This guy is going to make me fall in love with him one day, I just know it!  She will one day become the apple in my eye, I just believe it.  That's if I can look pass, what I feel, is her illogical reasoning!"  Keep on brainwashing yourself, my friend!

There comes a point in every relationship where it will go through some trying times.  Will the geek come out ahead and be there for you when you really need him?  Will the beauty stop looking at herself long enough to help you?

Sometimes we make relationships more difficult than they ought to be, because we pair ourselves with "special cases" for the sake of being tied to someone; rather than choosing someone who is more our equal.  Some people reason, "Well there is no fun in that..."  Then I would have to ask this question, "Do you want a long-lasting relationship or a challenging one just because you think you need someone different who you 'believe' is fun?" 

Being with someone, like you ie.) similar interests, personality, background, etc. is better emotionally and physically then going out in search of someone who doesn't have much of anything that compliments you.

Nicholl McGuire
I've dated my share of beauties and geeks and it's no walk in the park.


Phil Grahm Salt said…
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karensmith said…
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