Ten Dating Tips For Men

1. Smell Good
Being clean is a huge plus when you show up for a first date. Take some time to take a shower, shave, brush your teeth and make sure you smell good. A woman will judge you on how clean you are the same as you will judge her on how she looks.

2. Be on Time
Being late to a date is one of the most disrespectful things you can do, especially on a first date. Don't keep her waiting. It's a bad first impression and she may not even wait for you.

3. Bring a Gift
Take what you know about your date already and get her a gift that she will like. Flowers are good, but she will appreciate something more creative. If you know what her hobbies or interests are, parlay that into a gift. She'll be impressed at your cleverness and the fact that you remembered what she likes.

4. Practice Chivalry
Make a great first impression by opening the doors for her and paying for the entire evening. Hang up her coat if she has one and pull her chair out for her. Chivalry is a forgotten are and she will enjoy being treated like a lady.

5. Bring the Compliments
Before asking her how she is, tell her how beautiful she looks. Pepper some more comments throughout the night, but no more than three or four more. More than that and you will seem insincere and needy.

6. Keep the Conversation Going
Lulls in conversation can be awkward on a first date. If you know some things she is interested in, do some research about those topics so you can ask her questions about them.

7. Listen
Be genuinely interested in what she has to say and show it. Make eye contact when she is talking and ask questions about what she said. This will show that you are listening and you are interested in what she says.

8. Use Your Gut Instinct
Everybody dreads the "goodnight kiss" part of a first date. You never know if you will offend her by trying to get a kiss or if you will offend her by not trying. Pay attention to her body language and your gut feeling and go with that when making your decision.

9. Call Her
If you are interested in a second date, let her know and tell her you will call her or set up another date right there. However, do not say you will call her if you do not intend to. That is rude and unacceptable.

10. Avoid Dirty Talk
Men have a tendency to talk about bedroom stuff before it's time. Do not ask her any personal questions during the first date or else she may think you are only after one thing.

By Jeff Lundquist
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