Dating Tips For Women - Understanding Men

Are You Looking for the "Secret Psychology" to Getting A Man Hooked for Good?

Here are three dating tips for women for better understanding men. If you pay attention to these three things (words and actions) early on in the relationship, you will have a better idea both of how well your relationship is going and how the man thinks it's going. Much of the dating tips for women don't mention that men sometimes don't use words at all when they are communicating with you.

Man Code Dating Tip #1: A Man Tells You He Needs His Space

This means you should take little notice of him and not call him. Men love the chase. The man will begin calling you wanting to know what happened. By not making yourself too available early on, you keep him on his feet, which is a good thing in the first stage of the relationship.

Man Code Dating Tip #2: He Calls You Every Night Just To Say Goodnight

Other than the obvious reason, a man tends to do this in the early stages of the relationship as a way of seeing if he still likes you. Calling you this soon into a relationship means that he is interested in you. If he continues to do this as the days pass, it is a good sign he is interested having a relationship with you.

Man Code Dating Tip #3: The Car Rescue

You are all set to meet up with him for a date and you plan on meeting him somewhere close to his house. All of a sudden you run into car problems. You contact him to say you ran into car problems and you can't make it. If he offers to pick you up, or better yet insists on it, he is telling you that he is interested in you more than just being a friend. Guys only go out of they're way for women they are interested in.

By Kyle Rieves
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