How to Know If You Are Dating an Abuser

So, you have met someone in a club, in the park or you and him/her were introduced by a friend. You have gone out with that person on a couple of dates and that person seems so perfect, so right! You decide to take this dating to the next level, so you start a relationship with this person. After months of seeing this person, you decide to move in with him/her; next thing you know, you are being abused by that person.

You can evade this whole scenario every time you go out on a date and trust that person that you are considering having a serious relationship with. Remember, many people are not honest about who they are until they are in deep in a relationship. Now, you should not be scared when it comes to dating but you should be careful, here are some tips on how to spot an abuser.
You can spot an abuser on your first 3-5 dates with that person, as long as you listen correctly. A date is all about knowing a person, not their whole life but at least the most important details and what makes them who they are. If that person is over aggressive and hateful, than there is your first sign that he/she is an abuser. An aggressive person tends to fight and hurt other people when they are simply arguing; their reason is that they cannot control their actions or their emotions. A hateful person is likely to abuse another person because after a while, that person will look at you with hate and disgust, no matter who you are, a hateful person gets tired of the same people in his/her life pretty quickly.

Another sign is when that person hears you spill out your whole life in those first couple of dates but that person barely tells you about his/her past. Maybe the person will tell you about his former job, his past friends or something about his mom or dad; but they don't tell you why they are single if they seem like such a good person. 99% of abusers are not going to tell you that they are an abuser, they wait for you to find out for yourself, then they spill out their life's story, when it is too late. That is why you have to spot the signs and keep your eye open.

One last sign is when that person is overly jealous, you look across the room in a restaurant or you talk to someone walking down the street and the person you are with jumps at you like an angry lion or he/she looks at you with a mean eye. That means that the person you are dating will be abusing you for anything that looks threatening to him/her. Jealousy comes from threats, when you talk to someone that looks better than the person you are with, that is a threat and the person you are with will get jealous. Remember, as long as it is a date, you are still able to talk to whomever you want to talk to.

If a person you are seeing has any of these signs, then throw him/her out the door because that person is not the one you want to spend your life with. Many people are abused in the United States and many are afraid to say anything, you have to be careful when you date someone so you don't end up hurt or even worse than that.

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