How to Catch a Cheating Partner

"The car broke down. I was miles from anywhere, I just couldn't contact you."

The cleverest of alibis will not count on the word of other people as they could potentially give away the secret. Why would you question their alibi if you had complete trust in them. However if you have reason to be suspicious, maybe you should be analysing your partners alibi a little more closely.

So let's look at ways that you can analyse their alibis if you want to try and catch out your cheating partner? Well, all you can do by yourself in these circumstances is ask your partner for as much detail as you can without raising suspicion yourself. Keep a record. The cheat will have to remember everything they said and corroborate it when you ask them again a few days or weeks later. Perhaps your partner claims to have broken down miles from anywhere. How did they get back? How long did it take? What was the weather like? Did anyone stop to help them?

How to Catch A Cheating Partner.

Whenever the car is part of an alibi, check it afterwards. If it broke down or got stuck in a field or ditch, look for mud and grass on the wheels. It would also be reasonable to assume then that your partner may have dirty shoes or clothes too, so check this out discreetly. Did they have anyone with them in the car? Check for signs of someone having been in the passenger seat.

Look in the glovebox and ashtray for anything unusual that may have been left behind. If your partner claims to have called a breakdown or recovery service you can easily verify their alibi. Providing you are one of the named drivers of the vehicle, most breakdown organisations will allow you to access the details of the event in question. Your partner says they couldn't contact you. Almost certainly a lie, most breakdown services offer to call the family or friends of the stranded party as a matter of course. It's a standard facility provided by most of the major breakdown services.

When we think about how to catch a cheating partner, there are a million and one alibis a cheat can offer. However if they give you an excuse that cannot be corroborated, this in itself is suspicious. Real day-to-day life just isn't like that. Use your common sense.

Take the alibi apart and check every minor detail, you may find your partner has been complaisant on some vital facts and you could easily catch them out by looking at details you would normally just accept as being true.

Stacey Kyzcinski is an expert in relationships and infidelity.


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