Why Relationship Problems Just Don't Seem to Go Away?

I am learning this as I write, we simply want to make someone do what we want them to do whether we are right or wrong. From a woman's perspective, I have spent years meeting men and then seeing something about them that I don't like and then I tell them about it and hope they would change. The problem is they don't want to change when I want them to and I don't have the patience to stick it out, so we break up.

Listen, I don't want to be any man's mother, but sometimes as women we become just that! We expect them to do as we say and when they don't we get angry. All men have flaws, because if they didn't the woman that came before you would have never let the relationship die without a fight, but evidently she was like you, she couldn't change him either! So here's a simple lesson when it comes to relating to men, if you want to make your relationship work then you will have to say, "I accept...flaw...he is unwilling to change and I can't make him." Who knows, one day he might, but don't count on it. Instead, it's up to you to make a decision, "Do I want to stay with this man or not?" If you want to stay with him then you will have to accept his flaws, but if you can't bear to deal with another one of his flaws then leave!

When a woman stays with a man that she knows is unwilling to change no matter how much he hurts himself, her and the family, then she becomes a fool for love! Then when she becomes a fool, she starts acting like one! She nags him, checks up on him, follows him, uses the children to get information on him, threatens him, belittles him, abuses him, etc. And what will the man do when he sees her behaving this way, that's right...he shuts her out, cheats on her, abuses her, belittles her, lies to her, threatens her, and so on...

So the advice in this blog is simple, when you can no longer accept the flaws in your partner, so do yourself and him a favor and end the relationship for good! You say, "Easier said than done..." An attempt is all you need. From a phone call to a formal document signed and dated, once your mind is made up, you will do it. But if you find yourself making excuses, then you aren't ready (those in abusive relationships Click Here,) so stay there until you are ready to leave.

Written by Nicholl McGuire


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Thank you appreciate your support!

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