How Do I End A Relationship?

If you are in a relationship that has run its course - meaning the relationship seems to have fizzled out how are you going to end it? One of you has to. Often times relationships will continue long after the "magic" is gone because ending a relationship can be difficult. Does breaking up have to be hard? If you've been wondering "how do I end a relationship" so that neither person gets hurt here is some helpful advice.

1. First you need to be crystal clear as to why you want the relationship to end. The "easiest" reason that jumps into your head may not be the real reason at all. Dig deep and be sure you have a clear understanding of why you want the relationship to end.

2. Be honest with yourself and your partner. Now is not the time to beat around the bush or fabricate lies. In most cases people deserve the truth. In the end each of you will be better off if you are truthful regarding the break up.

3. Whenever possible, end the relationship in person. Avoid breaking up over the phone. If you and your soon to be ex live far from each other then it is better to break up over the phone vs. waiting for a time when you can be together. Do it sooner than later.

4. Be compassionate. The break up shouldn't be mean or angry, especially if you want to stay friends afterwards. Be sympathetic to their feelings as well as your own.

5. When considering "how do I end a relationship" remember not to put your partner on the defensive. Don't throw out accusation after accusation. Talk about the good times and the memories that you will embrace. Try to respond to their needs during the break up if possible.

6. Although difficult - don't make it (or take it personally). This is an emotional time and things may be said that are hurtful. Let them go.

7. Try to be there for your partner. They may need to discuss the break up more than once before they can come to terms with it. On the flip side of that they may need space and distance from you. Give them what they need to get through this difficult time.

8. Avoid feeling guilty about the break up. Your partner may try to make you feel guilty for ending the relationship. This is normal but it should not stop you from moving on. If you are breaking up for the right reasons then there is no reason that you should feel guilty.

9. Is this break up final? Only you can decide this. You may just need some space from each other and time to work through whatever is bothering you. Most relationships can be saved.

How do I end a relationship? If you are determined to walk away it's best to just do it and move on.

Ending a relationship is difficult most of the times. If you are wondering "how do I end a relationship" without hurting someone of course there are no guarantees. We can't predict how another person will react or how emotional they will get. But if you follow this advice breaking up can be made a little easier for both parties involved.

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Are you wondering "how do I end a relationship" to minimize hurt feelings? See ebook "Understanding Why Men Leave A Relationship" (link no longer active). Peter Harris is a health care professional with a specialty interest in promoting healthy relationships.


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