Every Relationship Will Have Problems

Every relationship will have disagreements. It's all in how you handle them that will make a positive difference in you and your mate's life. Notice I said "life" not lives. The day you had sex with him or her you two became one - that's a topic for another day.

Anyway, I know the above headline seems obvious to many, but the truth of the matter is with one out of every two marriages in the United States ending in divorce (and that includes Christians), many just can't seem to get along.

If both of you are strong temperaments, then both of you will argue, disagree, and whatever else you want to call it more than most. It may be about everything from where have you been to what are we having for dinner? Women and men will disagree whether loudly or quietly and trading him or her for a "new one" isn't always the best choice. The next mate you get just might be worse. It's better to be with the one who knows you so well, then be with someone who has to figure you out, which means re-training and patience on your part. If you are ready to start all over by all means, leave, but if not stay.

The help for any relationship is out there, but you have to be willing to research and invest financially for it. Oftentimes couples will invest in material things, but not in their relationships, then wonder why they just can't seem to get along. It isn't always the mate who is the problem. Sometimes it's the job, challenging children, controlling relatives and/or friends, hormones or lack of sleep. Find out what has made you act different toward your mate, is it any of those things? Don't be so quick to blame. Then after you have found out what the problems are, do something about it.

Many times couples will look to the Jones' relationship and how long they have stayed together and how perfect they seem to be. But the reality, if Jim and Jane Jones were honest, they didn't always like each other. There were those moments where they were tempted. They didn't always have nice things and most likely had times when they couldn't afford a steak. Jim lied about some things in the relationship and Jane bent the truth too. They also had some hormonal and physical issues that affected their lovemaking. So the Jones' aren't perfect and if you took your eyes off of them and focused more on your own relationship you would see that you could at least create a life for you and your mate that would seem to be perfect on the outside. You could start by being more forgiving, kinder, listen more, ask questions and act concerned, help with chores, and most of all you could be more loving by making time for one another.

Nicholl McGuire


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