Crazy, Strong Women - Men, Do You Have One?

A strong-willed and scorned woman will not give up making her point and stating her position; no matter how unreasonable it is until she knows there are consequences for her actions. She doesn't care what others think and feel as a result of her evil ways, but you don't know how dark she can be until you test her and check yourself too. 
 A lot of men think of women as weak, because the Bible (1 Peter 3:7) refers to them as such, but this isn't the kind of weakness that worldly minded people think, it simply means that generally women have less physical strength than men. But a woman on a performance enhancing drug to build muscle, or one who is abnormally strong and skilled to defend herself, as well as those ladies who take mind-numbing drugs and health supplements that make them go berserk, all can do strange things including act abusively. Some men have felt the teeth, fists and kicks of such women. So let us never underestimate the physical strength of a woman.
According to a study that appeared in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, found that men were attracted to nice women; women did not feel the same about men. There were over 100 volunteers for the study that was performed at a university in central Israel. During an initial encounter, men who were responsive to the women like being nice and attentive, the ladies didn't find them as desirable. These strangers were viewed as inappropriately nice, cunning, and less sexually appealing. So when it comes to knowing what a woman wants, despite all the nice things you might do for her, she will take longer connecting with you. Now think of how crazy women might react in similar situations where strange men are attentive to them. They might be very open to the point that they look desperate, and may act all over the place with their emotions or be as cold as ice during an initial meeting.
Some women are conditioned to believe that nice men are weak and are push-overs. Do you recall how your companion first reacted to you when you showed interest in her? Has she since called you weak in so many words? Did you ask why? Is she correct in what she inferred about you? What could be the cause of her acting so disrespectfully toward you?
Nicholl McGuire is the author of She's Crazy


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