5 Things Dates Do that Kill Romance Early On

It isn't any wonder why many romantic relationships don't last.  There are some things that dates do early on that cause much distress later simply because they just can't be honest.  From lying about their age to who they know, some daters will never make a quality connection because they are more concerned about playing a selfish actor's role than being a truly loveable human being capable of giving and receiving love.  So what do some of these people do that kill romantic interest as soon as they get someone's attention?

1.  They lie.

Some manipulators assume that lies will never be found out.  They reason, "It's okay...she won't ever know...how could he find out, it's not like he knows my family and friends?"  But the Internet as well as busybody people offline have a way of revealing truth sooner or later. Therefore, one shouldn't be so confident that a lie won't come to light especially after having one too many drinks.

2.  They are dating too many people at the same time.

No one wants to feel like they are one of five plus people in a woman's or man's group of dates.  So when romantic feelings start to arise, it can be difficult to be trusting when one is dating many others.  Some dates feel cheated when they start to notice that a partner's attention span is on everyone else, but them.  Don't wonder why the romantic interest is over before it even started.  You might want to ignore your cell phone while on a date, keep your eyes focused on your potential lover, and stop surfing those dating and social networking sites while a date has your interest.  Get to know the person who is seated in front of you.

3.  They don't offer their dates any assistance when issues come up.

What good is a friend if he or she is not willing to help in times of need?  From needing a ride to work to borrowing money, a date will have issues and when one doesn't bother stepping up to the plate (when all other methods have been exhausted,) how long do you think he/she will be around?

4.  They exaggerate their lifestyles, connections and material wealth.

When a date finds out that a friend doesn't really have the connections that he/she claims, isn't the least bit wealthy, and lives terribly, why wouldn't he or she be angry?  No one wants to be sold a bag of goods only to find out later there is nothing in that bag.  So the song goes, "I can do bad all by myself..."

5.  They make promises and don't keep them.

You might recall a time when someone promised to do something for you and never came through.  Well when someone who is romantically interested in you says he or she is going to assist/spend/plan or do something else for you and never does, how would that make you feel?  Most people don't keep people in their inner circle who don't keep their word.

Now that you have five date killers, be sure that you take the time to think before you speak or write to a date about what you can do for him/her, how much you love/care for this person, etc. because as soon as you don't do your part, the disputes, accusations, and anger will come.

Nicholl McGuire


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