Telling the Truth About The Breakup

I know why many people who beakup won't tell certain family members and friends the truth about why they broke up with their partner, in one word, FEAR. They are fearful of the "I told you so" comments, fearful of the way they will be viewed if they were responsible for the breakup, fearful that they will be told off, fearful that no one will listen, and fearful of what might be done to them for breaking up. So they develop a fantastic story, one that will make it look like it wasn't their idea to end the relationship. They will use the popular statement of, "We just couldn't see eye-to-eye, we couldn't get along..." Of course, we all know that there are two sides to every story, but let's be honest, which one will you believe? And do you really think that both people are responsible for the breakup? The truth is one usually started the "breakup ball" rolling and the other had no choice but to go along with it!

Usually the one who is responsible will say what he or she thinks happened and describe the breakup in such a way so that you can't say much of anything but, "Oh..." In my own personal experience, I can tell you that the men knew early on that I was fed up with them, but they wanted to gain some control over the situation by taking some action such as looking for a place to stay behind my back or telling others what their intentions were and leaving me out the loop while trying to convince me they are willing to work on the relationship. I think that is the worst thing you can do to a partner that you claim you love is wear two faces! One for he or she and another for the rest of the world. To walk around in the family home and agree to do some things differently to help grow the relationship while thinking in your mind, "I'm not interested in this person anymore." Is downright mean and deceitful and I can't help but wish that "what goes around comes back around" to those who want to behave in this way! A great smokescreen to keep one off balance, but eventually it falls off and the truth comes to light!

I hate liars, I do. I hate when someone comes to me with their story of breakup and then they want to lie about the details. Why bother telling your story if you are not going to be honest? The truth is that most often the one coming up with the "PR (public relations) campaign" is the one who caused the most damage to the relationship.

Sometimes telling the truth about a breakup opens up doors that many just want to keep closed, but there is a way to do just that without being deceptive. I guess the moral of this blog entry, is to be careful what public relations campaign you come up with, because it will only be a matter of time when the truth comes out!

Written by Nicholl McGuire,


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