Job, Money, and Television Dictating the Relationship?

Partners aren't always to blame for relationship issues.  Most often, what you do with your time and the attitude that goes along with it is to blame! - Nicholl McGuire

Gone are the days when you and your partner were head over heels in love with one another.  As much as you tried to avoid the boring routines that tend to affect so many relationships, before you knew it, you fell into the trap.  You don't find him or her that interesting, you don't bother to create some time together, and you have little, if anything, to say about your partner that is positive.

Three seemingly harmless issues that later become big problems in the relationship are often argued about, ignored sometimes, and wreck havoc on romance.

1.  Job

The job is the all-too-important god in the relationship.  Everyone who lives with the one who is making the most money must adhere to the unspoken rules related to the job.  A few of those rules include:  One doesn't ask to do much during the work week, because those who have a job are often tired coming home from work.  This means that family activities, school events, and other related things are often ignored or cancelled.  Next, even though one has already put in a full day of work, he or she is not to be interrupted when one is texting, emailing, or calling the job.  One must have a good reason why a vacation or personal day must be used.  Spending quality time with family is not a good excuse.  Sad, but true that these unspoken rules do apply in many households.

2.  Money

If money is available the family goes out, if money is not available everyone is cooped up in a residence.  When ideas for free or cheap activities are mentioned they fall on deaf ears, because one's mind is on his or her money.  The attitudes, mood swings, and arguments show up when someone is not getting his or her way, didn't financially plan responsibly, over-drafted one's bank account, can't buy what he or she wants immediately, or does things that cost too much.

3.  Television (or any other favorite electronic device like:  IPads, IPhones, gaming consoles, etc.)

Anything that is done outside or inside the home is typically put off so that hours can be spent seated in front of a screen.  It doesn't matter that there are people in the home in need of attention or more pressing needs and chores should be tended to.  The television/electronic god has claimed the household and everyone must wait until a favorite show or activity ceases.  Meanwhile, marriages suffer, children fall behind in school, once intelligent minds turn into mush, and residences go sometimes for years unmanaged.

Harmless activities that turn into time stealers, relationship killers, and dream destroyers.  Think about these issues the next time you start to open up your mouth and blame a partner or children for not having any personal peace.  Change the way you view your job, money and pleasures and who knows, you and your family just might be happier.

Nicholl McGuire

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Dating Burnout, Blues: Do You Have It?

When you are tired of the dating scene, often frustrated with the guys or gals who take interest in you because they are just not your type, and have little patience to talk to anyone new, you are experiencing a time of "dating blues" or dating burnout  I use the term "dating blues," because years ago, before meeting my current husband, I had a mix of sadness, anger and tiredness when it came to dating. 

You know you are going through something when you have more bad stories then good ones about dates and you could practically write a rhythm and blues song about your emotions concerning them.  There is just not enough positive energy going on when it comes to meeting, dating, and sleeping with these people.  It's either a hum, drum world or a "what did I just get myself into" kind of world with these dates and the more you do it, the more you get more of the same.

When dating burnout/blues shows up and shows out, here's what you do:

1.  You avoid talking to anyone who you had hoped to be intimate with or had sex with.  Why bother reconnecting with someone you know you aren't the least bit interested in having a serious relationship with?

2.  Check your desires to have sex.  From taking a cold shower to talking to a counselor, avoid the people and things that stir your sexual drive.  You aren't feeling so good right now, so why complicate matters or give someone false hope that you will be back around for more?

3.  Visit places that don't cater to couples.  The images can make you feel bad especially when you aren't happy with your past decisions.

4.  Avoid romantic movies.  Why create a fantasy world in your mind that doesn't exist?  In the real world, we all know that couples aren't always happy, patient, kind, and understanding with one another much less others.

5.  Stop reading and listening to sexually explicit material.  Why tease yourself when you are simply burned out with dating? 

6.  Spend quality time alone, not just for a day or two, but for as long as it takes so that you can reclaim your energy without the need of someone else and replenish that bank account.

7.  Catch up with tasks you have been putting off.  Chances are you have been ignoring other people, places and things because you have been too busy thinking about meaningless distractions.

Dating blues is a temporary emotion that comes and goes.  But when it goes, you feel so much lighter, focused, and you are in better spirits! 

Nicholl McGuire, check out my YouTube channel: nmenterprise7
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